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Meet the Team

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Cris Mendes

Ex-special forces and former Navy rescue swimmer, Cris was born in Brasil and raised in Boston. Father, husband and a life dedicated to championing the cause of the unlikely. 


With 10+ years of experience in the Boston high-tech startup arena he’s come to understand the importance of mission. Bi-vocationally he’s served in ministry to develop high capacity leaders, along the way founding thriving student and young adult ministries. 

A culture of prayer has formed Cris’s character and he now carries a mandate to connect people to God and empower the local church.

Felippe Borges

Felippe Borges


Cody Spencer

Cody Spencer

Felippe Borges is co-founder and one of the leaders of the Dunamis Movement; graduated in Marketing from Mackenzie Presbyterian University and currently lives in Boston, MA with his wife Angela Borges. 

Felippe Borges is an itinerant preacher who has traveled many Nations around the World and has been anointed with signs and wonders upon his ministry. He has inspired many young people to a lifestyle of dedication and passion for Jesus Christ and His Kingdom with the ultimate dream to see a generation of lovers of Jesus emerge from their university campuses and occupy the various spheres of society leading the Kingdom of God and the love of Jesus to many..

Cody is currently serving as the Executive Pastor of His Tabernacle Family Church. Cody served as the youth pastor of this church for 12 years. 

He also launched Uproar Conference. A free annual conference that has seen thousands of students experience Jesus, find purpose and never be the same. You can find more information about Uproar at

Cody is married to his beautiful wife, Mindy, and they have three children.

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