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Are you ready to grow?

Are you stuck and aren't sure how to grow?

Have you been seeking mentorship and finding nothing?

Do you feel like bible college taught you the bible but not how to lead?

You dont need to feel lost any longer! We want to help you go to the next level.


Monthly and Weekly

Monthly training ​is great but it is hard to even remember once the next month comes around. The goal is to give consistent content around a single topic for an entire month. By doing this your life will not only be informed but it can be transformed in a powerful way. 


One on One

Sometimes we just need a coach! Someone with ministry experience that can speak directly into our situation and ministry! Coaching is 1 hour each month and will change the course of your life and ministry!


A group for you

Ministry does not have to be lonely and you don't need to be in a group of 20,000 members for real community. We want a space where you can ask questions, celebrate wins and work through frustrations! 

How much does it cost?

$50 per month for 6 months for all video training content

$100 per month for 6 months for all video content and personal mentoring

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